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PWR129 - Bonafide
  • PWR129 - Bonafide


    The PWR129 features an integrated, foot controlled, retractable Springblade rudder that enhances boat control and maneuverability. The low-profile rudder allows precision steering in tight spaces near docks and cover. It can be lowered into the water for enhanced tracking and lifted out of the way when not needed. The Springblade rudder tucks neatly into a retracted storage position when maneuverability is not required. Its integrated design and easy retraction add convenience and adaptability.


    The PWR 129 pairs an advanced, rock-solid stable hull with Bonafide's signature High Rise seating system. This creates the ultimate dual threat - allowing quick, powerful casts and all day endurance.

    The cutting-edge hybrid catamaran hull provides a steadfast, secure platform for standing and sight fishing. While the High Rise seat surrounds anglers with essential gear for an efficient, clutter-free setup.

    The High Rise seat was meticulously designed to keep the most important items within arm's reach. A large 16 x 18 inch underseat Junk Drawer provides ample tackle storage. And the oversized rear cooler well can accommodate batteries or extra gear.

    The integrated rudder design offers flexibility for different rigging set-ups, working well for paddle power or electric motors.


    The PWR 129 is designed for easy, drill-free rigging of motors, fishfinders and electronics. The deck layout integrates plug-and-play mounts, lifts and controls for a clean setup. Motor mounts located at the stern and center seamlessly connect electric motors.

    Five Power Link ports allow electronics wiring from bow to stern without drilling into the hull. These ports use gasket-sealed plates that can be drilled for switch and wiring access. No need to drill into the kayak itself.


    Two Power Link ports at the bow provide quick access for installing sonar units and running transducer wires. Two ports by the seat are ideally positioned for fish finder displays. A fifth port at the stern allows easy wiring for motors, lights and accessories.

    The PWR 129 also includes integrated gear tracks and numerous mounting points to cleanly attach rod holders, anchors, cameras and other accessories.


    With its integrated mounting options and wiring access, the PWR 129 allows quick, no-drill rigging for a polished, clutter-free setup. The smart design integrates the key systems into the kayak for a powerful, seamless fishing platform. 



    • Bonafides all new flagship fishing kayak, designed for exploring and competing in all types of waters with the widest range of rigging freedom.
    • Tournament hull capacity, big water performance and unbelievable stability packed into a boat that can still be paddled.
    • The all new hull is designed specifically to improve motorization efficiency from either the bow motor or stern motor mounts.
    • The perfect dual threat: the most advanced high stability hull paired with the most comfortable High Rise seating system for quick casts, standing security and all day comfort.
    • The all new deck layout specifically integrates the motor mounts, lifts and controls areas for simple and no drill setups.
    • Ultimate control of your power setup. The integrated foot steering to Springblade Rudder allows the boat to be maneuvered with precision.
    • Connect the Rudder lines to the stern motor(Torqeedo) for footcontrol steering and true hands free fishing.
    • Add steering precision to hands free fishing with the Bow mount motor (xi3) and Springblade Rudder Controls at your feet.
    • Battery storage designed to handle the large lithium amphour batteries and torqeedo batteries.
    • Sonar rigging freedom with 5 Powerlink ports: Internal no drill cable routing, removable Drypod system, crossbar dual monitor capable, 3D wand mount locations at the seat, internal computer mount options.
    • Oversized Stern Storage well 21 x 25 will fit Large Blackpak+ coolerbags or crate. Oversized Bow Hatch system allows for rod storage, battery and extra gear.
    • Integrated Gear Mounts: ¼ -20 threaded mount points are Located at bow, midship and stern offer mounting points for any rigging setup.
    • Sidekick Track system for the Sidekick wheel system
    • 10 geartrack locations total 128.00 inches of geartrack
    • 26 individual insert mount points
    • 5 Powerlink ports
    • Internal Hatch Storage compartment: 30 gal or approx 4 cubic ft.
    • Standing Deck Room 22”x 30”
    • 3 paddle rest locations
    • 2 rod rest locations
    • 1 tournament board storage




    12'9" / 389 CM



    35" / 89 CM



    16" / 61 CM



    500 LBS. / 227 KG



    78 LBS. / 35 KG



    102 LBS. / 46 KG

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